Family Day

Each President's Day, the Pony Express Museum hosts Family Day. This is a free event open to all ages. Family Day gives visitors the opportunity to step back into the 1860s and experience what it was like to be a Pony Express rider. Crafts and activities take place in the Community Room. Guided tours are offered of the museum, with many of the tour guides portraying historical characters of St. Joseph's past. School marms will also be presenting in the Pony School. Visitors will touch on 1860s history. and what a day at school was like for children of that time period. 

Join us for Virtual Family Day in 2021!

Family Day 2021 is virtual! So, take a seat in your saddle (or favorite couch or chair) and follow along the list below to share our experiences, stories, and crafts and songs!



Pony School

Enjoy watching a schoolmarm interacting with students just like they did back in the 1860s


Virtual Tour

Here’s Executive Director Cindy Daffron taking you through the museum on a one-hour guided interpretive tour! Chose the tour in its entirety or in four 15-minute sessions. You will learn a lot about Pony Express/American History through this tour!



Virtual Kids Programming

Enjoy the various activities we captured for the School Class Virtual Programming, as provided by Leah Spratt Trust.

Pony Express Riders

We just updated rider list as provided by local Pony Express historian Jackie Lewin.

Hall of Riders

Listen to Executive Director Cindy Daffron and local Pony Express historian Jackie Lewin’s interpretation of this exciting exhibit!

“Saving the Stables”

Watch the video of Board Members Joe Houts, Dick and Mignon DeShon and the late Carlene Makawaski tell how we saved the stables!

Travel the Trail

Explore photos covering the 2,000 mile trail from Missouri to California as compiled by local Pony Express historian Jackie Lewin!


Credits: Don Reynolds photographer in the 1950s through all Pony Express states.


We’re so happy to share Family Day with our loyal students and patrons in 2021. We look forward to positive updates at the Museum. Please check the website regularly as changes develop!


We’d like to send a special thank you to the Education Committee and participants for their hard work on the School Class Virtual Programming in August 2020.


Come visit the Museum’s Gift Shop! We received new merchandise, ready for you to take home: crafts, projects, and books and all sorts of items related to your virtual Family Day Experience. We look forward to seeing you in person!


We miss those big hugs from all our children!