Tuesday Night Talks

Announcing the first session of Tuesday Night Talks (TNT) “Alexander Majors” by Gary L. Hicks will be presented April 2nd. He will be in the Museum from 10 am to 2 pm as a re-enactor. In the West Community Room at 3 pm will be his presentation. After his presentation, we will be serving cookies, tea, and water.  The second speaker will be on April 6th, 2022, due to the election in the museum.  The rest of the speakers will be on Tuesdays. See attached list of dates and speakers.  Chairman Joe Houts has scheduled the speakers and topics for this year’s presentation.

Just as in the past, the audience may hear authors, historians, and lecturers on a wide range of topics.  Instead of visiting the museum in person, the audience may view any or all of the six speakers on our website, www.ponyexpress.org at their convenience in the comfort of their homes.  This format allows us to share these special events with the world, for the first time in its history!


Please visit our website for information and updates on when to look for these classic sessions.  In the interim, please come see us at the museum to revisit favorite exhibits and look for new, exciting additions.


Please contact Cindy Daffron via phone or email should you have any questions.  Look forward to seeing everyone soon.

TNT 2022 Speaker Schedule

Apr 2: "Alexander Majors" - Gary L. Hicks

Apr 6: "Joseph Robidoux & Robidoux Row" - Daniel Johnson

Apr 12: "History of the Goetz Bar & Brewery" - Dick DeShon

Apr 19: "The History of the Pony Express Statue" - Eric Fuson

Apr 26: "The Black Death: Bubonic Plague in America" - Joseph K. Houts, Jr.

May 3: "The History of Lake Contrary" - Gary Westcott

TNT is a weekly lecture series in January and February on topics related to the 1800’s and history of St. Joseph


Doors open at 6:15 P.M. Speakers begin at 7:00 P.M.


All talks held in the Pony Express Museum Community Room


St. Joseph’s Role in Western Migration - Jackie Lewin
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