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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How soon do we need to make reservations for our school group to tour?

Please make reservations at least 2 weeks in advance; however, school tours are on a first-come first-serve basis and many book 1-2 months in advance. Please notify the museum of any cancellation or change to your schedule as soon as possible.

2) How many school kids are allowed for a guided tour? How many for a self guided tour?

Guided tours are available to groups of at least 20 students but limited to 75 people. Larger groups may be accommodated with special arrangements. Our guides are knowledgeable and friendly volunteers who are proud to interpret the historical significance of this venture and preserve the legacy of this American endeavor. If you would prefer to have a self-guided tour, please call to schedule a time to tour.

3) What kinds of activities do you offer school groups?

We offer guided tours upon request as well as a variety of activities, including a scavenger hunt and several other interactive worksheets. We begin each tour by showing our 15-minute Pony Express Educational Video. Several of our exhibits are hands-on including the chance to pump water from an old well, use a telegraph machine, sort mail in a minute, switch a mochila to a saddle and explore and entire play room dedicated for children. The “Family Life on the Frontier” room allows kids of all ages the chance to dress up as pioneer and experience life in the 1800s through using multiple props.

We also have interpretive programs in our award-winning one-room school house that is adjacent to the Pony Express Museum. The school house transports your students back to the days of students and their studies in the 1860s. Please call for school curriculum guidelines that can be mailed to your school.

4) Where can our group eat lunch at your museum?

We have a very spacious community room available upon request where you can enjoy a catered lunch from local vendors. Contact Cindy at the Pony Express National Museum to make arrangements for your group catering needs.

Directly across the street is Patee Park, where you can sit at picnic tables for lunch and let the children release their energy on the playground equipment. One classic fixture of the park is an immense old steam engine from the mid-1800s—another example of the history of transportation in America and the settling of the West.

5) Do bus drivers and teachers have to pay admission? What about additional parents or chaperones & student admission?

Student admission is $2.50. Teachers and drivers are complimentary. Additional chaperones and parents are $2.50 each.

6) What forms of payment do you accept? Do we need to pay prior to our tour? Will you accept a purchase order from our school or invoice us later?

We accept cash, credit cards, money orders, and checks. We appreciate payment prior to or on the day of your tour. We can invoice your school with a purchase order upon prior request.

7) Who do we contact to set up a tour?

Please call (816) 279-5059 or (800) 530-5930 to schedule your tour.

8) Is there ample bus parking available?

Yes, we have free parking available on Penn Street in front of the museum or in the parking lot behind the museum. Additional parking is on 10th Street, East of the museum.

9) Is your facility handicap accessible?

Absolutely! We also have a wheelchair available for your convenience.

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