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Other Artworks

Westward Gateway Chapter #1066 of The Questers was thrilled to receive a grant from our International Grants organization for the purpose of preserving and restoring fourteen pieces of artwork held by the Pony Express Museum.  The project included the famous Charles Hargens painting, “The First Ride” as well as works by Harry Wright and local artist Harrison Hartley.  Mr. Tom Duggins, owner and operator of the Frame Station LLC, utilized the latest in archival methods to assure that the legacy of the Pony Express, as told through its art, was both restored and preserved for generations to come.  Westward Gateway was also thrilled to be recognized at the Volunteer luncheon held April 2019 when we were awarded a Horse Shoe to be placed on the “Keep the Legend Kickin” Wall honoring significant contributors to the Museum’s mission and operation. Our Horse Shoe was hung on the wall at the unveiling event for the restoration and preservation of The Platte Purchase mural, one of two large murals the Museum displays.  Westward Gateway along with a second local Questers chapter, Pony Express #400, hope to fund the restoration and preservation of the remaining mural “The Missouri Swamp Fox” next Spring, should we receive a grant request currently pending.  No matter the outcome of that request, Westward Gateway is proud to have contributed to the “ongoing” telling of the story of the life and times of the Pony Express through its artwork as art conveys what mere words cannot always say.

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