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Don Reynolds


Nineteen sixty was the centennial of the Pony Express.  Communities along the trail were preparing for the celebration, including St. Joseph.  The Goetz Pony Express Foundation, sponsored by St. Joseph’s Goetz Brewery and M. Karl Goetz, led in funding the restoration of the Pony Express Museum.  Exhibit design and care of the museum became the responsibility of the St. Joseph Museum.


                                                   In 1955 Don Reynolds began working at the St. Joseph Museum as                                                                       photographer and exhibit preparator.  He had a keen intellect and excelled in                                                     history and archaeology.  He also had a tremendous sense of humor.                                                                   Working at the St. Joseph Museum and with the creation of the Pony Express                                                     Museum was a perfect fit.  He would later become the Assistant Director of                                                         the St. Joseph Museum, and curated the Pony Express Museum.


                                                   In 1959 Don Reynolds began his travels of the Pony Express Trail to gain                                                             information to help in the creation of exhibits for the future Pony Express                                                           Museum and to help with a film being made by the St. Joseph Museum for                                                         the upcoming Centennial.   In 1960, he accompanied the riders on a                                                                     centennial reride of the Pony Express Trail as far as Salt Lake City.  This all                                                         fueled his interest in the Pony Express.  He and his wife Maude

used their vacations to travel and photograph what was left of

the famed Pony Express Trail all the way to Sacramento,

California.  Don and Maude were among the first to travel and

photographically record the entire trail.


We invite you to share in the adventures of Don and Maude

Reynolds by viewing their photographs.  In many cases you will

see Maude pointing to the direction of the trail.  She was an

adventurer and enjoyed the camping vacations as much as Don. 


So jump aboard Don’s 1959 Ford station wagon and camp in the tiny trailer.  Cook your meals outside and smell the fresh air.  But most of all enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Pony Express Trail as recorded by Don Reynolds.

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